"Have you worked in Germany? Your pension contributions are waiting for you. We take over the complicated process from the application to the redemption of the pension contributions to your account! "


How can I get my pension contributions back?

You have worked in Germany and paid pension contributions to the German Pension Insurance? You are not a citizen of the European Union and live outside the EU? If that’s the case, then we, Fundsback, will accompany you through the process of pension contribution reimbursement. The process is very complicated, but we'll make it easy for you. Together, we enforce your claims against the German state and the German Pension Insurance. We will check whether you have the option of having your pension contributions paid out in full or whether you are entitled to a retirement pension. If you are entitled to a reimbursement, we will accompany you until the successful payment of your pension contributions. If you are entitled to a retirement pension, we will examine the other options with you, up to the preparation of the pension application.

When will I get my pension contributions back?

The payment of your pension contributions depends on your citizenship and if there is an agreement between your country and the German Pension Insurance. Germany has a pension agreement with certain countries that regulates the transfer of the German pension to the national pension of your country. There are pension agreements in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil or Korea. The pension agreement stipulates that if you have paid pension contributions to the German social system for less than 60 months, you will be able to withdraw your balance from your pension account in one sum. If you have been employed for more than 60 months, the pension paid to the German Pension Insurance will be paid out to you in all countries of the world once you reach retirement age. We at Fundsback know all agreements and will give you a certain information as to whether there is a pension agreement between Germany and the country you live in. This retirement pension will be paid once you reach retirement age. Currently, the statutory retirement age for employees born after 1964 is 67 years.

How does the refund of my pension contributions work?

We have a standard procedure, if you wish to have your pension contributions paid out in once sum. For the procedure of the pension reimbursement, we show you our matching plan. The way to your pension reimbursement follows these steps:

  • Go to www.fundsback.org and go to our inquiry form, alternatively you can also give us a call.
  • If you have completed the inquiry form, we will contact you and forward you an authorization with a request to sign it. We require this authorization to be able to represent your interests towards German Pension Insurance in your name.
  • We cooperate with a specialized law firm for the enforcement of pension rights in order to provide you with expert advice, even in the most complicated cases.
  • After receiving the authorization, we clarify the insurance periods with the German Pension Insurance and check the correctness of the insurance history with you.
  • If your pension contributions are correct, sign the service contract first. Until this time, our consulting is 100 percent free for you.
  • The service contract governs the further cooperation between you and us as Fundsback.
  • For the payment of your pension contributions, different forms and questionnaires for the German Pension Insurance have to be filled out. In cooperation with you, we will fill out these documents and provide you with advice.
  • After successful reimbursement of your account, we officially welcome you as a Fundsbacker and welcome you to our group of successful Fundsbackers.

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