You are an U.S. citizen and you were previously employed in Germany? Then you might be eligible to cash out your German pension contributions. The reimbursement is possible if you meet the following requirements:

Learn about the details of these requirements in the following article:

There is a social security agreement between United States of America and Germany. This agreement must be considered in connection with the reimbursement of contributions. So how can you find out if you meet the above shown requirements? Check out the following 3 questions: 

1. Do you live in any of the following countries? 

      • Bosnia and Herzegovina
      • Kosovo
      • North-Macedonia 
      • Montenegro 
      • Serbia
      • Turkey 
      • any country that is a member of the European Union (Please note: not part of the European Union are: the United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, although these countries are geographically located in Europe)

In these countries, the insurance obligation is the same as the one in Germany. Therefore, if you live in one of those countries, a refund is not possible. Also important to note: The fact of whether or not you are insured in the United States does not have an impact on a possible refund. 

2. Do you live in Germany or a country that is a member of the European Union or did you pay contributions into the German pension insurance scheme for more than 59 months (5 years)? 

If your answer is “yes” to either one of these two questions, you are entitled to voluntary insurance in the German pension insurance scheme. Therefore, a cash out is not possible at this time.

3. When did you pay your last contribution either in Germany or any country listed under the first question?

If at least 24 months have passed since you were employed in any of those countries, you are eligible to get your cash out (if the other requirements are met as well). 

To summarize, a contribution reimbursement is possible for an U.S. citizen if he or she does not live in the European Union and has been employed in Germany for less than 60 months. If there has already been a pension benefit from the German pension insurance, a refund is not possible.

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