Frequently asked questions

Why am I entitled to reimbursement

Germany’s social security system basically provides that all employees subject to social security contributions also earn pension entitlements. For this purpose monthly contributions apply and are automatically deducted from your salary. Under certain conditions it is possible to get a refund on parts of these paid contributions . Fundsback examines these conditions for you.

Which contributions do I exactly get reimbursed?

The monthly pension contributions that are automatically deducted from your salary consist of equal parts of payments made by the employer and payments made by the employee. The employees’ share corresponds to the amount refundable under certain conditions. Fundsback examines these conditions and the actual amount of your reimbursement for you.

What is the amount of my paid pension contributions and where can I find it?

The employees’ share can be found on your payroll. It is part of the gross salary and is deducted automatically. Fundsback examines the period and the amount of your payments for you.

Where can I find my German pension insurance number (Rentenversicherungsnummer) or my German social security number (Sozialversicherungsnummer)?

You can find your social security number on your social security card, your salary statement or on your certificate of wage tax deduction. The social security number is identical to the pension insurance number. It is composed of 6 numbers, the first letter of the insured person’s last name and another 3 numbers.

Why do I have to live abroad to be entitled to reimbursement?

The German pension insurance fund is part of the social security and thereby part of the basic public services. The purpose of the system is to ensure that all German residents are able to enjoy a reasonable standard of living. The state pension is intended to secure that standard of living after retirement. In order to make a reimbursement possible, it is important that the beneficiary no longer lives in Germany after retirement and does not depend on welfare benefits.

Why do I have to live ouside the European Union for at least two years?

The balance between the different pension insurance systems within the European Union excludes a reimbursement of pension contributions.

In which countries can I get a refund?

AF Afghanistan
AX Aland
AL Albania
DZ Algeria
AS American Samoa
VI American Virgin Islands
AO Angola
AI Anguilla
AQ Antarctic
AG Antigua and Barbuda
AR Argentina
AT THE Armenia
AW Aruba
AC Ascension
AU Australia
AZ Azerbaijan
BS Bahamas
Bra Bahrain
BD Bangladesh
BB Barbados
BY Belarus
BZ Belize
BJ Benin
BM Bermuda
BT Bhutan
BO Bolivia
BW Botswana
BV Bouvet Island
BR Brazil
IO British Indian Ocean Territory
VG British Virgin Islands
BN Brunei
BG Bulgaria
BF Burkina Faso
BI Burundi
KH Cambodia
CM Cameroons
CA Canada
CV Cape Verde, Republic of
KY Cayman Islands
CF Central African Republic
TD Chad, Republic of
CL Chile
CN China, People's Republic of
CX Christmas Island
CC Cocos Islands
CO Colombia
KM Comoros
CD Congo, Democratic Republic
CG Congo, Republic
CK Cook Islands
CR Costa Rica
CI Cote d'Ivoire
CU Cuba
CY Cyprus, South
DG Diego Garcia
DJ Djibouti
DM Dominica
DO Dominican Republic
EC Ecuador
EC Egypt
SV El Salvador
GQ Equatorial Guinea, Republic
ER Eritrea
ET Ethiopia
FK Falkland Islands
FJ Fiji
GF French Guiana
PF French Polynesia
TF French Southern and Antarctic Lands
GA Gabon
GM Gambia
GE Georgia
GH Ghana, Republic of
GI Gibraltar
GD Grenada
GP Guadeloupe
GU Guam
GT Guatemala
GG Guernsey
GN Guinea, Republic
GW Guinea-Bissau, Republic
GY Guyana
HT Haiti
HM Heard and McDonald Islands
HN Honduras
HK Hong Kong
HU Hungary
IS Iceland
IN India
ID Indonesia
IR Iran
IQ Iraq
IE Ireland, Republic of
IN THE Isle of Man
IL Israel
JM Jamaica
JP Japan
JE Jersey
JO Jordan
Concentration camp Kazakhstan
KE Kenya
KI Kiribati
KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic
KR Korea, Republic of
KW Kuwait
KG Kyrgyzstan
LA Laos
LV Latvia
LB Lebanon
LS Lesotho
LR Liberia, Republic of
LY Libya
MO Macao
MK Macedonia
MG Madagascar, Republic of
MW Malawi, Republic of
MY Malaysia
MV Maldives
ML Mali, Republic of
MT Malta
MH Marshall Islands
MQ Martinique
MR Mauritania
MU Mauritius, Republic of
YT Mayotte
MX Mexico
FM Micronesia, Federated States of
MD Moldova
MN Mongolia
ME Montenegro
MS Montserrat
MA Morocco
MZ Mozambique
MM Myanmar
N / A Namibia, Republic of
NO Nauru
NP Nepal
AT Netherlands Antilles
NT Neutral zone (Iraq)
NC New Caledonia
NZ New Zealand
NI Nicaragua
NE Niger
NG Nigeria
NU Niue
NF Norfolk Island
MP Northern Mariana Islands
OM Oman
PK Pakistan
PW Palau
PS Palestinian Territories
PA Panama
PG Papua New Guinea
PY Paraguay
PE Peru
PH Philippines
PN Pitcairn Islands
PR Puerto Rico
QA Qatar
RE Réunion
RW Rwanda, Republic of
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon
WS Samoa
SM San Marino
ST Sao Tome and Principe
SA Saudi Arabia, UK
SN Senegal
CS Serbia and Montenegro
SC Seychelles, Republic of
SL Sierra Leone, Republic of
SG Singapore
SB Solomon Islands
SO Somalia, Democratic Republic of the
ZA South Africa, Republic of
GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
LK Sri Lanka
KN St. Kitts and Nevis
LC St. Lucia
VC St. Vincent and the Grenadines (GB)
SD Sudan
SR Suriname
SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen
SZ Swaziland
CH Switzerland
SY Syria
TW Taiwan
TJ Tajikistan
TZ Tanzania
TH Thailand
SH The Crown Colony St. Helena and Dependencies
TL Timor-Leste, Democratic Republic of the
TG Togo, Republic of
TK Tokelau
TO Tonga
TT Trinidad and Tobago
TA Tristan da Cunha
TN Tunisia
TM Turkmenistan
TC Turks and Caicos Islands
TV Tuvalu
UG Uganda, Republic of
OTHERS Ukraine
SU Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
AE United Arab Emirates
US United States of America
UY Uruguay
UZ Uzbekistan
VU Vanuatu
VE Venezuela
VN Vietnam
WF Wallis and Futuna Islands
EH Western Sahara
YE Yemen
ZM Zambia, Republic of
ZW Zimbabwe Republic

Why don’t I get the pension contributions reimbursed earlier?

The purpose of the 2 year waiting period is to avoid premature reimbursement but also changes to the periods of pension insurance in case you should pursue employment in Gremany or within the European Union.

What happens if I move/relocate to another country during the process of Application and Payout?

Fundsback ensures that you will receive a personal contact person during the procedure of your reimbursement. The only things required are your new address and your new bank account details.

Why is it not possible within the European Union?

The balance between the different pension insurance systems within the European Union excludes a reimbursement of pension contributions.

What fees apply for the services offered by Fundsback?


Fundsback will charge service fees according to the time invested which always depends on the assertion of your claim. The fees already include costs for the legal examination by a lawyer and the like.

We guarantee that you will receive a clear, simple and transparent cost structure. In addition, service fees will only apply in case of an actual refund of your paid pension contributions.

How can I offer friends the same service?

Simply give your friends/relatives the link to our website or our contact details. 

How can I contact Fundsback?

See Contact Us

Where do I have to send the documents to?

Please send the documents to:


German Pension Contribution Service uG
Schiffgraben 43
D-30175 Hannover

What happens with my documents?

Fundsback will use your documents to assert your claim. Once the documents have been checked for completeness they will be handed over to a German lawyer for a second verification and the actual application.

Your personal data and your documents will be treated in full compliance with legal regulations.



Why do I have to grant power of attorney?

Fundsback is a service company. To make sure that all circumstances are taken into account, Fundsback relies on lawyers willing to support and monitor the processing. For this purpose it is necessary to grant power of attorney since the application is made on behalf of the beneficiary.

Thanks to our Cost Guarantee no additionnal charges will apply for the legal examination by a lawyer.

Who is granted power of attorney and what is going to happen with it?

Fundsback and our cooperating lawyers will use the granted power of attorney exclusively to assert your claim. Fundsback works together with a team of experienced lawyers. In each case we will choose the right lawyer for you out of this team. Thanks to our Cost Guarantee no additionnal charges will apply for the legal examination by this lawyer.

What are the consequences of a premium refund?

The paid pension contributions are used to build up a state pension. With the reimbursement of the pension contributions you will lose your right to claim benefit from the statutory pension insurance. During the procedure of a premium refund it must be thoroughly taken into account that only your share of paid pension contributions will be reimbursed. The pension contributions paid by the employer into your pension insurance account are non-refundable. These contributions are lost.