You are a non-EU citizen ("EU").

You left the EU.

You worked in Germany.

The Pensioncheck is our most important product. With the Pensioncheck we make sure that your pension insurance contributions are deposited in your personal pension insurance account (“Rentenversicherungskonto”) at the German Pension Insurance (“Deutsche Rentenversicherung”).

The safety of your contributions and the accuracy of your insurance periods is our top priority.

What is included in the Fundsback Pensioncheck?
  1. We check your insurance periods for plausibility
  2. Within a few days, our customers receive a detailed list of their claims against Deutsche Rentenversicherung
  3. We pass on a suggestion for action to the customer

What we offer is your benefit

✓ Maximum time savings through digital processing.

✓ Best protection through legal protection.

✓ Reduction of language barriers by taking over communication with the DRV

✓ Transparency through simple and customer-friendly tariffs.

✓ Fastest service due to the latest technology.

✓ Minimization of bureaucratic hurdles through direct connection to the DRV.