The team of Fundsback, has already helped a large number of non-EU expats, who have lived and worked in Germany, to get their paid pension contributions reimbursed from the German Pension Insurance Association. 

From the very beginning, Fundsback helped professional soccer player, from Brasil, Peru, Ghana, USA and even a national soccer player from Japan to get back their German pension. Besides football players many professional basketball players from USA and Canada have also used the experience of Fundsback.

But it´s not only interesting for professional sports people. 

For example, all non-EU employees, who have been employed in Germany, are entitled to reimbursement of the statutory duty automatically paid pension contributions after returning to their home country or after relocating outside the European Union. The estimated loss of entitlements for beneficiaries amounts to several hundreds of millions of euros. People from all over the world come to Germany for work and almost everyone leave Germany and return back to his homeland.

There are two main reasons for this outcome: on the one hand not many don´t know that they are actually entitled to a premium refund after leaving Germany. On the other hand, the complex application procedure at the German Pension Insurance Association is hard to manage for former expats. And on the other hand, expats often decide to simply interrupt the procedure because it is too much paperwork for them. 

If you want to know more about the precondition and if you are applicable for a pension refund, please read our article Preconditions to get your German pension cash out about this topic.

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