The Pension Cash Out is one of our follow-up services to the Pensioncheck. This service is very easy to use for our customers, since it is digital and fast.

By working in Germany, you have automatically paid contributions into the German Pension Insurance.

This often happens without you actively registering it, because your employer automatically deducts those contributions from the gross monthly salary.

With the Pension Cash Out, these contributions are returned and paid out to our customers.

Our service & your benefit

We will guide you through the complicated German laws and social security agreements. We prepare all necessary documents for you and minimize your effort.

✓  Maximum time savings through digital processing

✓ Best protection through legal protection

✓ Reduction of language barriers by taking over communication with the DRV

✓Transparency through simple and customer-friendly tariffs

✓ Fastest service due to the latest technology

✓ Minimization of bureaucratic hurdles through direct connection to the DRV.

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You are a non-EU citizen ("EU").

You left the EU.

You worked in Germany.

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